Susanne Johansson | Mattias Elftorp

No human is illegal. Borders are stupid.

June 17-20 in Rome at Forte Prenestino, first Wormgod exhibition in Italy at the Crack! festival (this year on the theme of HATE & LOVE). Johan Jergner-Ekervik shared a cell with Wormgod (represented by Mattias Elftorp) as a special guest star.
For more on the festival, check the Crack! festival website.

-Why so much hate?
-Because that's what the world looks like. The art of Wormgod is a reflection of the world we live in.
-But hate is such a destructive emotion. We need to be more constructive, we need more love.
-Yes, but we live in Sweden, and Sweden has this great reputation that everyone is equal, everyone is welcome and everyone is taken care of, and it's not true. So there's a need for these dark images to show another side. To expose the lie.





Photos by Kattarina Baekmark and Camilo Pinilla. More will come up here as they emerge from the internets...