Susanne Johansson | Mattias Elftorp

Wormgod & TUSEN SERIER @ CRACK! 2013
June 20-23 2013 at FORTE PRENESTINO in Rome, Italy.

The HORDE comes to CRACK! The HORDE is CRACK! CRACK! is the HORDE. The HORDE is here!

Wormgod and Tusen Serier join forces and sends a delegation from the northern horde: Amalia Alvarez, Martin Larsson, Jenny Taravosh, Heidi Somero and Mattias Elftorp. Tusen Serier works to make the Swedish comics scene less Swedish through comics workshops, exhibitions and publishing of comics creators with a non-Swedish background. Wormgod may do it in a slightly different way, but it's still more or less the same fight. Now some of us go to make a little bit of chaos in Forte Prenestino, home of the best parts of the Future we all know is coming. Because:

It's like this: You come home from CRACK! and
you're happy. A little bit like you're still on
CRACK! mentally. This happiness lasts for a few
weeks sometimes. It's not that you want to go back
but more like you never really left the Forte. The
rest of the year you do what you can to make the
rest of the world a better place. Around December
usually, you start thinking about going back. A
feeling that gets more intense as June gets closer.
You start to plan for the next one, try to think of
a bigger, better contribution. You want to return
to the family, return home. CRACK! is the real world,
the rest is just inbetween.

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