Susanne Johansson | Mattias Elftorp

November 5-21 in Malmö at Panora:

Wormgod: ZOMBIES

The Z drug was administered as a sedative for a society in crisis. A cure for social illnesses such as rioting youth, revolting masses of unemployed and precarious workers, climaxing with a general strike among huge parts of the working population. The Z drug became the solution: Happy, docile, obedient workers, doing their duties for King and Country without complaint or insurrection. At the small cost that when they died with Z in their bloodstream, they'd wake up again to feast upon the living. Anyone should have been able to guess the outcome, but still the plan was followed through. With predictable consequences. One postal worker slipping through the safety net was all it took...

Zombification became the great equalizer. Zombies make no distinction between class, gender or race. The only war still being fought was between the living and the dead, and most of the living were already drugged into apathy. The remaining upper class tried barricading themselves to safety, but it was only a matter of time before all the rich were eaten.

As for sex... With no need for procreation (the dead cannot die, after all, and so won't need to pass on their genes until natural selection eventually calls for it), the dead only fuck for pleasure. And so, a new subculture of necrophilia has risen. A queer necrophilia with no regard for anatomical sex or socially constructed gender, because all such things are irrelevant. All you need now is love...

Wormgod welcomes you to enter this world and meet its inhabitants, November 5-21 2001 at Galleri Panora, as part of the AltCom 2010 festival in Malmö.

AltCom 2010

Wormgod: ZOMBIES is one huge image, 1,8 x 25m in size, creating a landscape filled with the undead as they slowly but surely approach the viewer. The only source of light is what you bring into the room and they just keep getting closer as you turn around.

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