Susanne Johansson | Mattias Elftorp

The two VÅLD prints will be exhibited at Utkanten until konSEKVENS v2.0 starts at Panora, August 22.

From Piracy is Liberation:

Welcome to
The Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence release party
@ Utkanten (Industrigatan 20, Malmö)
July 4 2009
Music: Harsh noise and industrial live performances
and a DJ-set with a selection of violent music.
Art: Two exhibitions on the theme of violence will be shown.

The entrance fee is 40 SEK, but you get in for free if you buy one or more copies of Piracy is Liberation. Please note that you need to be a member to get in. Send an email with name, first 6 digits and address to
Membership costs 75 SEK/year.

Clips from the show:



CONCRETE THREAT will present a one-man performance this time, but promises an experience at least as harsh as last time.
KOEFF returns, this time in person and not just projected on the walls.
NIMAM SPREGLEDA will deliver hard old-school industrial.
R.W.F. will give us some more noise.

WORMGOD: VÅLD presents an expansion of the exhibition konSEKVENS that was shown in Växjö earlier this year. Wormgod is the combined forces of Susanne Johansson and Mattias Elftorp.
MATTIAS ELFTORP will also make a rerun of parts of the Violence exhibition with a sequence from the book of the same name.

Rev/Vega Rec and CBK material will be available for sale, including all back-issues of Piracy is Liberation, of course.

Poster design by Mattias Elftorp.

This event is arranged by Wormgod with the support by C'est Bon Kultur.