Susanne Johansson | Mattias Elftorp

November 11-12 in Malmö at STPLN during TRAUMA:

Wormgod: PURE

The Nation was finally ethnically pure. The struggle had been long and hard: deportations, border patrols, street executions and then the camps. And one day we were finally free from outside influences in our gene pool. Now we are beautiful and pure.

So why don't I feel beautiful? I look in the mirror and the thing that stares back is ugly, fat, disproportionate. Every day my Mother told me to lose weight, TV told me to use products if I wasn't naturally perfect like I should and the billboards taught me the need for altering my body if I wanted to fit in those nice clothes. And I did all this, so Why can't I see a beautiful person in the mirror?

This exhibition is accompanied by art from MARKUS SAMNELL and parts of the FUTURO PRIMITIVO exhibition from Chili Com Carne at the TRAUMA festival.